Residential & Commercial


Our team has had a lot of experience working in residential, rural and commercial areas where we will bring our "premium building services" to you.


We have extensive experience within the mining sector as well as government projects that have given us the edge to gain referrals and be a part of the bigger picture of our wider community.

At Kameleon Concepts we use a core group of contracted trades that align to our strict ethics of building services. The high level of trust that exists within our group of trades which enables us to deliver our premium services as a team. We also adhere and pioneer our quality WH&S standards which sets us apart from the wider building industry.









We know what it takes to build relationships in smaller regions, and commit to ensuring we exceed expectations every time, knowing we will see you again.


New builds, extensions, renovations, sheds, kitchens and bathrooms, you name it... we can build it for you or let us guide you through the process using our knowledge and experience to manage one of the most important expenses you may make in a life time.